Travel: Viva Las Vegas! Bellagio Review

Last weekend I had the great joy and privilege to take a mini-vacation with my two favorite girls in the world, my mom and sis. We spent the weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada and did not waste a single second of our time there. It wasn’t our first time here together but it was our first time staying at The Bellagio.

We all are working women and needed to unwind with a little relaxation and A WHOLE LOT OF FUN. What better place to do that than The Bellagio in Fabulous Las Vegas? The weekend Girls Trip came at the perfect time as we all met up right after work to catch our Friday night flight then basked in everything The Bellagio had to offer for the entire weekend.There were so many great things about this hotel that it would be near impossible to list them all so I will simply list my top 9 things that I love about this hotel (in no particular order). Why 9 things?… because The Bellagio and Vegas in general had us on Cloud 9. Read on.

  1. The Location – The Bellagio is conveniently located on the Las Vegas strip and in the midst of EVERYTHING! It is right across from the Paris hotel, Planet Hollywood and right in between Cesar’s Palace and The Cosmopolitan. So much is in walking distance that you will rarely need to hail a cab/uber. 
  2. The Planetarium – It is just the naturally beautiful and fragrantly amazing observatory filled with live and exotic florals accompanied by majestic figures. This part of the hotel changes season to season and can vary from everything to the coast line of Southern Italy to peaceful Japanese Gardens and even under water in the deepest parts of the ocean. 
  3. The Spa – I can’t say enough about the spa. We received lux massages with rich coconut \ body butter elixirs from the finest in the industry. Following our massages we dipped in the spa’s individual hot tubs for relaxation and meditation.
  4. The Pool – Boss. Enough said. 
  5. The Casino – Of course every Vegas hotel has a casino. But the Bellagio has been known to attract the wealthiest gamblers so it was fun to play a few slots, have a drink and watch others risk it all on the poker and black jack tables. 
  6. The Clubs – “Club Hyde” and “The Bank”. At one point in the club I looked up and felt like it was snowing. Confetti in amounts never before seen. Lit DJs. All of this in one hotel!
  7. The Shows – The O show is the long running show gem that plays at the Bellagio It’s a must see. Circus De Soleil is not playing any games with this one. We had our fair share of shows while in Vegas. Another must see is Zoomanity. 
  8. The Food– The Brunch buffet at The Bellagio is practically mandatory.  There are also several other cafés and eateries in the hotel. One of which include a chocolate, vanilla and caramel “water falls”.
  9. The Views – Right outside of our hotel were the beautiful Fountains at the Bellagio where the water danced as if it had a soul. Just beyond the fountains and across the strip, the view of America’s very own Eiffel Tower.

    LAS VEGAS, NV – DECEMBER 24: The Bellagio Hotel & Casino water show comes to life after dark on December 24, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas, the popular Southwest desert tourist getaway, appears to be making a slow economic recovery following a tough global recession. (Photo by George Rose/Getty Images)

    Thank you Bellagio for showing us an AMAZING time! Viva Las Vegas!!

Thanks for reading! xo


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