Carissa Stephens on set of Houston Life at KPRC Ch. 2

Feature: Modeling on Live TV ONE Month Postpartum

Yesterday, I had a complete blast on set at Channel 2 studios. I was contacted by a fellow blogger friend, Dawn Darnell, whom I’d met last year as we were both speakers at a woman’s conference.

She was looking for a model for her travel fashion segment on KPRC Ch. 2 Houston Life! She asked me if I’d be available and feeling up to it. Being just about a month from delivering my sweet Kammy Cakes, my initial thought was, “How am I going to look on TV after JUST having a baby?” How would I feel about my body so quickly after spending a season on hospitalized bed-rest and having an unplanned c-section?? Those thoughts didn’t linger around too long as I mustered up the courage to step out of my comfort zone and experience a confidence in myself like never before. A word to my new mama’s…. you can do anything and everything. Believe in yourself!

I learned that there would be several travel looks. The international traveler (ie. Europe, Africa), the cultural traveler (Austin, NOLA), the beach vacation look and the staycation look! I had the luxury of modeling the staycation look for the segment. Comfy, casual… chic.

I was excited to model this look because usually when I plan travel it is for destinations abroad. Now as a new mom, I am embracing all the fun that can be had even locally and am opening my eyes to all the experiences to yet be re-discovered right here in Houston. I am so looking forward to taking my daughter to the zoo, parks and museums and seeing the gems in this city through her eyes!

My look was so comfortable, I loved it! The shoes were sponsored by #DSW and the outfit was compliments of #TheLoft. The look, designed by Dawn, spoke to me as someone who likes to be cute, comfy and be on the go. The army green backpack was actually a diaper bag (cutest ever) and was the perfect compliment to the lounge pant, which I was obsessed with. The blouse I wore underneath was the perfect material to feel light and breezy with my layered look and the jacket provided that edgy pop that really completed the look.

The other ladies who modeled with me on the segment were so much fun to work with and the TV hosts, Derek and Courtney were also wonderfully warm and cool. The energy and vibe on set was so perfect.

If you missed the live segment, no worries. Click here to watch now!!!:

Thanks for reading and for watching! xo


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