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Beauty: Eyeliner Techniques

Choosing YOUR perfect go-to eyeliner and application…

I was having a conversation with my girlfriends recently. We were discussing how we see all sorts of awesome makeup tutorials for application techniques, including how to apply eye liner. With all the different application styles, brushes and pencils, choosing your eyeliner product and style can be confusing! Then you run the risk of over spending on products you may not like just because you expect it to work for you like it did for the make-up maven on YouTube. The truth is, when it comes to choosing the perfect eyeliner, “It’s Different Strokes For Different Folks” – Literally! Everything ain’t for everybody… Read more to find out how to choose which eyeliner style could best compliment your look!

Round eyes: Round eyes are usually large and quite wide. If you can see white above or below your iris when you look straight ahead, you have round eyes.

In theory, you have more room to play around with. Try lining the top and bottom lid and finishing with a slight wing to help elongate the appearance of the eye. Smudgy pencils look great on round eyes.

Smaller eyes: Literally in the shape of an almond, being narrow at the inner and outer ducts. If you look straight ahead, your iris disappears into your upper and lower eyelids.Alicia Keys Almond Eyes Eyeliner

The recommendation is something that will accentuate your eye shape. Start with a thin line in the inner duct and as you line outward, increase the thickness of the line until finishing at a fine point just outside the eye. Let your eye shadow help our your look by adding light shimmer to the inner ducts and then a gradient darker color going towards the outside of the lid. Remember to blend!

Slanted eyes: For eyes that are slanted, go bold on your upper lid and subdue on your lower lid. This technique will really play up the shape of your eyes.

Nicki Minaj Eyeliner

A nice gel or liquid eyeliner is the recommendation and very light pencil on the bottom lid or no eyeliner at all on the bottom. A touch of mascara on the lower lashes will finish your look.

Deep set eyes: If your eyes are deep set and smaller, help them to pop by adding white liner to the lower water line. Create a shadowed effect around the lid by smudging out your bottom eyeliner using a soft felt tip applicator and go for fullness on the top lash line. Lashes can help to finish this look and create the ultimate “baby doll” eye effect.Kerry Washington Deep Set Eyes Eyeliner

Side note: Who loved Adele’s make up in “Hello”?… Yassss!

Prominent Eyes: When you fit into more than one eye shape category…

Angelina Jolie eyelner

If you have sizable and shapely eyes… you can play around with many different looks. A handy tip and trick is connecting your top and bottom liner on the outer corners of the eye. Avoid dragging your bottom eyeliner all the way to the inner tear duct… this look may be too harsh for your naturally gorgeous eyes.

Remember, the purpose to make-up is to simply to have fun accentuating the features that are already there.

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