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Reflections: Faith, Fitness, Finances & Freedom

This Crazy Life of Mine

As a serial entrepreneur, I am often asked how I manage my life, health, marriage, friendships, family time and the SEVEN businesses that my household operates. I’m going to be transparent with you and tell you that doing all of this does come with it’s challenges! Delayed gratification is the name of the game when you are a young entrepreneur but the journey is an ADVENTURE for me!

carissa stephens

When I am not fully indulged in my purpose and passions, I feel restless and bored. I feel my purpose is helping others whether directly or indirectly… motivating, cultivating and inspiring. I also LOVE creating. I love having a vision and making it come to LIFE. This same principle applies to when I begin a new business venture.

“I am a business nerd”


My husband is as well. Building our empire together is something that we enjoy doing and you could catch us doing most of the time. Fortunately for us, some of our business ventures are actually social in nature so we find a great balance with being productive and enjoying our intense work life. Here are some helpful tips and words of wisdom that I have picked up over the years on my journey and want to share with you.


Keep the FAITH that your dreams can be realized. Have a vision, create a plan, then execute while understanding that worthy things take work… so don’t be afraid to WERK IT! Keep the faith that you can and will achieve what you set out to accomplish. For me personally, understanding the promises that God has for my life and living each moment consciously aware of my full potential carries me through the ups and downs of my journey.



I admittedly do not work out as much as I should. I also really love food. Fortunately, staying in reasonably good shape has become easier thanks to my superwoman staple, Greens On-The-Go which give me 8 servings of real fruits and veggies per serving. I am also grateful for the nourishing botanical products that have taken my skincare to the next level while helping me keep it tight, toned and firm. Since I am such a busy body, I am always on the go… so that helps me stay active. When I do plan a work out it usually involves something very fun and recreational like dancing or jogging in the park with my dog. These activities make me happy and relieve stress. When I get back to work after doing recreational activities I can focus even better on the tasks at hand.

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When your household owns and operates SEVERAL different companies, the need for several of those streams to be relatively PASSIVE income… is REAL! I have also learned that as an entrepreneur, you first have to spend a little money to have the potential to make a lot of money. This concept is actually exciting for me. It is like a game. Having the ability to create revenue on my own time and work from wherever I’d like is great incentive for me to live an entrepreneurial lifestyle plus helps me to feel more “free”.

carissa stephens

“Work hard, play hard”


You’ve heard it time and time again but this is what I live by. For all those nights that I am GRINDING and building my businesses instead of watching Scandal, Power, Empire and whatever other show is on because I’m too busy building my OWN Empire, I make up for that by playing tirelessly when it is vacation time. I am either building or vacationing.


While we are being transparent, I find myself wanting it all… I want the frequent vacations, the house, the family, “fleeked” bank account and the time to actually enjoy the fruits of my labor. This year I came to the realization that my talents, interests and passions are best utilized when I am building my own brands/ companies. With this comes some sacrifice. I had to learn that the key to success and true happiness for me comes from knowing I can have and achieve anything I put my mind to, just not all at once. So I am taking everything one day at a time.



I feel most free when I am creating, expressing and praising. So I am intentionally designing my life to do more of those things. Entrepreneurship is such a blessing in my life and has become a source of true fulfillment.  I desire to empower, create, express and bring people together. Every step of the way I make sure that God gets the glory. I am excited about so much to come! I hope that you continue on this journey with me… just make sure you buckle your seat belt!

carissa stephens

Thanks for reading! See you soon! xo


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