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Recently, I had the pleasure of spending a beautiful Saturday morning with one of my favorite designers, Karissa Lindsay! Karissa is the Founder, CEO and Creative Mind behind the beautiful African inspired women’s apparel line, A Leap of Style.
 Karissa Lindsay
This beautiful soul and I share many things in common. Not only do our names sound the same (spelled differently, mine with a C and hers with a K) but we also are women in business who share a passion for inspiring other women! Karissa is certainly good at what she does. I am inspired by her tenacity and ability to impact the lives of women through FASHION! When I am wearing her designs, I feel flawless, fierce and FINE honey! Yas! There is just something about cultured glam…
Take A Leap of Style With Me
A real leap of style
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In an interview with Karissa I picked her brain on everything associated with her fashion label. Read more to see what Karissa had to say!
A leap of style
 Karissa A Leap of Style
Q1: When did you first fall in love with fashion?
Karissa: I fell in love with fashion in middle school. My mom was a little bit of a shopaholic, and she was also a pretty good seamstress along with many of the women in my family, so those qualities rubbed off on me. I decided I would be a designer at a fairly young age, but I got dissuaded along the way, so I took a few different paths.
Q2. Who or what inspires your designs?
I’m really inspired by the absolutely fly women who purchase clothing from A Leap of Style! The absolute most important core value of the company is to inspire and empower women through fashion – including our customers, employees, and the women who may not shop with us, but who are still drawn to and inspired by the story of the brand. With that in mind, I’m constantly thinking about my most loyal clients, and the places they’ll go in their A Leap of Style pieces and the details they’ll appreciate. That inspires me above almost everything else.
3. How do/ did you overcome the challenges associated with starting your own brand fashion label?
As an entrepreneur there are always going to be some challenges, and I think the best way for anyone to overcome them starts within as with most things. If I have a fabric sourcing issue, or a hard time fulfilling an order, or a cash flow issue, I have to first remind myself why I run this business. It may sound crazy, but I don’t do it for money, or on some levels even the clothing. Again, it goes back to inspiring and empowering women through fashion – if I can say, “Yes, that’s happening everyday,” and there is evidence all around me that it is, then I can push through whatever challenge presents itself.
4. What’s in your future plans for A Leap of Style?
I’m always looking to expand the reach of the brand, whether that’s through collaborations with bloggers *smile* or through hosting events. Eventually, we’ll offer a different range of products for the total woman, but for now I’m happy to produce beautiful, quality clothing that will help a woman hold her head high with a smile on her face.
Make sure you check out A Leap of Style Fashion Blog and Store which includes a feature with Yours Truly and Take A Leap of Style With Me! You’ll be glad you did.

Thanks for reading! Xo -Riss

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