7 Things I Learned During My First Holiday Season as a Mom

So I did it! My first Christmas in the books as a mama! With the season came so much joy and excitement but also so much to do! Most days during the season felt like a juggling act like never before.

With working to launch my new wine brand soon, fulfilling brand collaborations, traveling for work, juggling so many social obligations with family and friends, Christmas shopping and being a present wife and mama… whoo! It was a lot! Not to mention planning for my daughters 1st birthday which is the weekend between Christmas and New Years!!!

We had a huge birthday bash for her! Although I was extremely grateful for the level at which we celebrated her first year of life, the party planning and even day of had me feeling stretched thin and stressed out hunny!

Reflecting on the beauty of the season has me feeling so grateful that everything turned out beautifully but it also has taught me a few things.

Here are 7 things I learned from my first holiday season as a new mama:

1) Get each day started early. The days go by fast, it gets dark early and it’s best to have more time for relaxation in the evening.

2) Double check accuracy of mailing addresses and go to the post office early. I sent a gift to the wrong address and someone even sent me a card to the wrong address. Moral of the story, always confirm addresses before shipping off gifts or greeting cards.

3) The Children’s Museum is lit! We were invited to join my good friend and her son for a play date and I felt like a kid again in that place! Kammy got pics with Santa, we made ginger bread men and explored so many fun things!

4) Always anticipate plus ones… twos and three’s to your event and plan accordingly. We almost took major Ls with headcount at my daughter’s birthday party because our venue was very strict. Fortunately, everything worked out and she got to be celebrated by so many family members and friends.

5) Kids will be kids. They tear shit up. The toddlers tore up the play area I had at my daughter’s birthday party. Also, with my child’s birthday being so close to Christmas, I realized some of her gifts can be stored away and opened gradually. Kids have short attention spans so this way they are discovering new things overtime verses all at once.

6) Less is more. Don’t overload yourself and ask for help. Don’t try to be Martha Stewart, Misses Claus and Betty Crocker all at once. Also, my daughter won’t have another large scale birthday party for years to come unless she expresses that she wants one… and maybe not even then. It’s too much. lol

7. Wine down… often. Wine just makes everything better. It help take the edge off your day so you can de-stress. When I’ve had a very full and productive day, I often like to treat myself to a glass of wine while relaxing at home. Even better with a home cooked meal followed by Christmas movies. Try my wine when it becomes available direct to consumer on March 21st. Order here: www.purnoirewines.com

Here’s to a very memorable holiday season in the books and to a prosperous new year for all!

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