Vision 2020

I typically don’t list out my goals for public viewing so just consider this a personal journal entry that happens to be on the internet. If nothing else, it will help me better visualize my goals for the year while also holding me accountable to them. Consider the context of these goals a life update. So here they are… in no particular order:

  1. Launch Pur Noire (Noire Wines LLC) to the public on March 21st and sale most if not all of our product within one year while planning and preparing for our future events and vintage releases.
  2. Positively change lives by exposing more people to the wonderful world of wine. Beyond just pushing my own brand and beyond merely getting people to say they “like” wine, but getting into the nuances and eccentricities of wine… cultivating experience through wine education.
  3. Explore my Masters program at Harvard (HES). I have been focused on my long term career more lately and have come to the conclusion that I want a long-term career as a journalist. I’d like to further my education in this field. Knowing this, I explored online journalism programs and of a short list of schools and after speaking with enrollment advisers, Harvard Extension School made the top of the list. So I took the Critical Reading and Writing Skills test which is a requirement to enroll in the pro-seminar courses, I scored well! I then made sure I enrolled in the spring term for my first pro-seminar course. In the weeks leading up to tuition being due, opportunities with my brands revealed themselves. I realized that my resources needed to be focused on the successful launch and sustainability of Pur Noire while the brand is still in infancy. I’d like to re-enroll in my pro-seminar courses which will be applied toward my degree at Harvard Extension School, after we’ve gotten a handle of things for Pur Noire and the ship can somewhat sail on auto-pilot. Maybe considering the Fall or Winter term and if not then, Spring of next year.
  4. Be more consistent with content for all of my brands on all platforms.
  5. Secure more public speaking and event hosting opportunities. I already have one event lined up which will be taking place on February 22nd and it will be my second time hosting Sip, Style & Slay for T&C Beauty Supply Store. With this goal, I’ll also include more (live) television opportunities. Last year, I was featured on live television for modeling or for leading beauty segments 5 times. In 2020, my goals is to obtain at least 4 new live television opportunities. I am most definitely on track to achieve this goal. Stay tuned 😉
  6. Find a mentor. So… I am a mentor. I mentor 3 women. I pour into so many around me, daily. But one of my goals is to identify individuals (at least two) who I can build a professional mentor/ mentee relationship with but actually be the mentee this time. I’d love to find a solid business mentor in the field of journalism and a solid one that is a seasoned wine maker.
  7. Join (re-join) a Houston area trade organization in my field. Houston Association of Black Journalists is of interest. I also need to find one as it relates to Wine and Spirits and/ or minority business owners. I’ve previously served on boards for the Houston Minority Supplier Diversity Committee and the Greater Houston Black Chamber of Commerce for the law firm that my husband built when I was working for the firm as the Business Development Manager. Maybe I should make a reintroduction as now a wine maker. Hmm I’m literally just thinking out loud…
  8. Become active in a ministry at my church. In the spirit of keeping things consistent, I am interested in joining the Communications ministry at my church. I’d also really love to contribute to the church announcements, The Avenue News. I attend a large church with a large local and even virtual audience. We pay our tithes and are good parishioners, but I’ve been a member of my church for 7 years now and have felt compelled to join a ministry for quite a while now! I’ve sent emails to key persons, have attended a training and have been having the right conversations. Now I just need to be told when and where! I’m so ready for this. I think this would be a perfect fit because of my previous experience plus I’m passionate about broadcast and public speaking. It will also be a great learning opportunity.
  9. Better time management. My time is pretty divided and sometimes can lose track of time so a huge personal goal of mine is to achieve better time management skills. With that, I hope to have more productive days which allow me to crush my goals, keep my house cleaner, cook at home more often and work out at least 3x a week. I have bought a new planner that can hopefully keep me better organized with my daily, weekly and monthly tasks. So far so good! The planner I bought is AMAZING. You can buy it here: Law of Attraction Planner.
  10. Better overall health. Besides working out with some consistency as mentioned above, this also means making healthier food decisions more often, more consistent self-care activities including more quiet time, prayer and meditation, and leaving toxic relationships at the door. That last piece is a big one! No room for negativity or disruptive ENERGY in 2020! I’m planning on living my best life while striving for my goals.
  11. Support more black owned businesses. It’s important for future generations, the current state of the black community, critical to promote interracial unity AND I expect people to support my black owned business(es). Even when it’s a little less “convenient”. I can do better. You can too. We need to keep our hard earned dollars circulating in our own communities MUCH longer to support our infrastructure and other black families. Black people are reported some of the highest spenders but we give our money away to businesses that do not benefit our people beyond the often time frivolous items that we are buying. Let’s be more conscious about buying black. If you are a black business owner, please drop your business below in the comments!
  12. Continue giving my daughter and my husband the best of me every single day even though my plate seems full and my goals, tremendous.

Philippians 4:13 – “I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Be so encouraged friends! What is a goal that you have for 2020? Let me know in a comment below!

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