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 (Bahamas Cruise 1 Year Anniversary and Cabo San Lucas Birthday Adventures)

Before I begin a very extensive year of travel in 2016 (I’m excited) I wanted to recap some of the travel and adventure that took place in 2015. Travel is a BIG part of my life. Growing up my family would go on annual family vacations and it became our tradition. We’ve been to some incredible places and have seen done some incredible things! Now that I am married, I have been able to rub off some on my travel itch on my husband (gratefully). My husband and I love to travel and have been doing so since our very first year of dating. (Some of our favorite trips include Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Bahamas and Cabo San Lucas.)

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In my household, we deem travel and vacationing as MANDATORY. It is so important to unwind and take time away in a remote location with your spouse to kick back and enjoy the simple things. Things like island breezes, exotic drinks, beautiful beaches, different cultures, different foods, and simply… just the quality time. Also there is nothing like sharing new experiences together for the first time.

2015 Was a very symbolic year. In May of 2015, my husband Kenneth and I celebrated our first year of marriage! (Click here to watch our Wedding Highlights Video.) With our 1 Year Wedding Anniversary came our Anniversary Getaway to the Bahamas. We flew from Houston to Florida and then sailed from Florida to the Bahamas. The trip lasted 5 days in total and was a much needed getaway! We had a great time!

The most memorable parts of Bahamas 2015 were:

  1. The food. Conch is amazing… you can make anything with this yummy shelled fish. I’m talking fritters, sandwiches, chowder, etc. conch
  2. Trying to master Black Jack in the casino of the cruise ship! We were both pretty terrible…black jack table
  3. Meeting this incredible Bohemian artist, Leo Brown. I was so inspired by his work. It was all so moving. I personally felt like this piece could’ve been me… it isn’t, but that didn’t keep me from feeling like it could’ve been. lolLeo Brown Art Work
  4. The view from the balcony of our room277aeb63-223b-40ec-8e9e-94d7f118c128
  5. Being able to celebrate one year as Mr. and Mrs. Stephenslove

6. Finding waterfalls in nature. I literally went on a quest for them.Waterfalls

High points from our vacation of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 2015:

  1. That Boat Party Cabo(The turn up was just TOO real) Check out this short video link from my husbands Instagram page. Here is another: Turn Up! lol

2.  Zip lining! I never thought I’d propel from 300 ft. above ground in a Canyon stretching miles wide… 8 different times. We had to hike to each zip line over rugged terrain. I felt like cutting it short a couple times but preserved! Proud moment!ziplining

3. Recording a music video …on my phone. lol (Click here to watch)

4. Mexican Walmart and buying groceries… there was literally a FULL liquor store in the Mexican WALMART!

5. Our first couples massage! (Not featured…. too precious of a moment.) It was my very first couples massage. So special.

The Stephens on a Camel

We have a lot of travel planned for 2016 and I’m sooo excited to adventure more and share with you here at! Follow me on Instagram for more photos and real time updates!

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Thanks for reading! Xo -Riss

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