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Travel: Evergreen, Colorado

You guys, I’m still not over it. Last week was my first time in blanketed snow! If you live in a place where snow is a common place, this is probably not a big deal to you. But if you’re like me, from the south and vacation mostly in warm climates, then you can feel my excitement! In all of my 32 years I had never experienced seeing THIS MUCH snow fall.

My husband and I plus 8 of our friends/ fam visited Colorado last weekend and the trip was one for the books.

We stayed in an Airbnb luxury log cabin in Evergreen, which was stunning! The house so felt new, was SO clean and was equipped with many of the things we needed during our trip. The weather was perfect! Mostly warm and sunny plus it snowed while we were out there.

It was all of our first time going skiing and it was a wonderful experience! We went skiing on Echo Mountain. After falling my first time down the bunny slope, I got the hang of it!

Some of us visited the nearby casino and the girls even had the chance to enjoy our own private jacuzzi in the mountains. It started snowing shortly after we got in. It was so warm and wonderful! Not at all uncomfortable like I was afraid it would be!

Most of my outfits came from Amazon. You can shop some of my looks here.

This brown/ nude set is from Femme Luxe. The black weather proof pants did also!

I definitely want to go back and go skiing again. I loved seeing and playing in the snow! I especially loved the bonding and quality time spent with some of my favorite people on earth in such a beautiful place!

Have you visited Colorado before? Would you like to? Comment below!

xo Riss

Travel: 8 Things You Should Know & Do When In Napa Valley

My friends Mychelle and Christopher got married in beautiful Napa Valley last month. After their beautiful wedding, my husband and I decided to hang back and enjoy the wine country a bit. Here are some tips we’d like to share for those interested in visited Napa Valley, California someday!
Carissa Stephens She's Charissmatic

  1. Plan for cooler temperatures. Spring time in Napa is beautiful. It is the time of year when the air is breezy and crisp, all of the vines are beginning to bud and visitors attempting to beat the “busy season” crowd trickle in. True to the pacific region, it gets cold – especially at night. During the day, while the sun is beaming, everything is warm and comfortable. As a Texas girl… I like warm and comfortable! When the sun goes down, all the mystic glory of the pacific float inland and you can feel that even though it is spring time, the ocean still has some catching up to do. If you go between the months of November and May, be advised you’ll need to bring layers of clothing. Keep things light and layered so that as temperatures fluctuate, you’ll be prepared.Carissa Stephens She's Charissamatic Napa Valley
  2. Be mindful of the times in which you plan to have a meal. Napa still has some charming qualities of an old town somewhere off the map. In most major cities, when you seek to grab a bite (no matter what time of the day it is) you’ll be able to find something very decent to indulge in. When my husband and I touched down in Napa Valley we thought we’d get acclimated to the area our hotel was in by enjoying some of the local eats. To our surprise, around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, many of the places that struck our interest were closed…in the middle of the day! We’d found ourselves right in-between the local lunch and dinner crowds. Most places looked deserted around this time but we tried anyway. Upon walking up to the door of at least 2 or 3 restaurants we got our bubble busted as we learned of the restaurant hours. Several were open for lunch but were closed between the hours of 3 and 5 pm. Because we refused to settle for fast food, we ended up dining in at one of the only restaurants open at that time… a Chinese restaurant. It wasn’t half bad! Speaking of Asian cuisine, there’s a strong Asian influence on the food there. I recommend having sushi in Napa. Sushi Haku is amazing. You’re Welcome.13091981_10102336024570175_3228487318201804815_n
  3. Venture on Hwy 29. Don’t bother planning an elaborate itinerary to see Napa. All you need to know is to drive up Hwy 29 all the way until you arrive at Calistoga. Every wine vineyard you’d want to see as a visitor to Napa is along Hwy 26. It’s a relaxing and scenic drive. Plug in your favorite music and enjoy a ride along the country side which includes an abundance of picture-esq views and adventure around every corner! If you see a vineyard name that you recognize, pop in to say hello. For me, a recognizable favorite was Beringer. Almost anytime I’m making a wine run to the grocery store, it is for Beringer White Zinfandel. For my fellow adventurers, turn off into one of the long uphill driveways and into some tasty wines and memories to last a lifetime.13055433_10102336024325665_4736389701857793607_n
  4. Stop by Castello di Amorosa. For me, my diamond in the rough was a vineyard by the name of Castello di Amorosa. You cannot see this vineyard from the road! We had no idea when we made the turn that we would stumble upon a castle! The castle was incredible… complete with a moat, live animals in the side yard and the most breathtaking views. It was here that we met and extraordinary wine Somalia who changed the way we viewed wine forever. During our tasting, he went on to describe our wines as celebrities! “This wine is deep and complex… but definitely has a mellow element as well… much like Denzel Washington… and this one, lots of body. It’s sultry and irresistible with a sweet finish… much like Marilyn Monroe.” It was a great experience as we laughed boisterously and tasted not only the wines but also fine salted chocolates which served as a perfect pairing for some. We walked away with a bottle of our favorite from the tasting and do not plan to open it until maybe our 10 year anniversary.13091966_10102336023981355_4897060622688416372_n
  5. Stop in Calistoga for a meal. Calistoga is a quaint little old town with lots of charm and good eats. It’s important while enjoying a day of wine tasting to remember to eat. We stopped here for a large pizza at a local Italian spot. It felt perfect to have a meal full of bread and cheese… something we rarely dine-in for but was so appropriate that day.13043339_10102336024170975_2145792436693887111_n
  6. Peak time is Fall to witness the harvesting. If you want to see the grapes at their juiciest and even get a chance to pick them off the vine, go to Napa in the fall. This is the time of year when you can catch a lot of the crushing action and if you’re lucky, even get in on it! Be advised that this time of the year will be packed. Napa Valley California is one of the largest producing cities for wine in the world and is a popular destination, especially for the more seasoned travelers.13055420_10102336024645025_7842400424975743575_n
  7. Group tours. If you are traveling with a group, plan ahead and book a group tour. Many types of tours are offered. Some offer a private car, limousine or even a party bus. They have something for everyone. You can even plan a picnic lunch while you are touring. Groupon offers great rates for groups.13103485_10102336024694925_1418402338971737182_n
  8. Romantic Get away. As for us, we went the romantic route on our day touring Napa. My husband and I were our own tour guides. It felt nice to be in total control of our pace and the vineyards we got to visit. I recommend Napa for a fun or romantic get away and some tasty wines.

70bcc58e-fbc7-4c10-b0c5-371999deed32BONUS: San Francisco is not too far away from Napa and while we were on the west coast we had to check out the landmark, Golden Gate Bridge. Although I have been to California multiple times, it was my first time in San Francisco. The bridge was more glorious than I ever thought it was. I was expecting old and rusty. It looked surprisingly elegant and vibrant! My smart phone did a pretty decent job capturing it in its glory. I’m happy we made a point to go see it.  13061988_10102338590702625_6389195815193238443_n13043216_10102338591026975_4631366320294372420_n

Thanks for reading! Xo -Riss

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Travel: 2015 Travel Highlights

 (Bahamas Cruise 1 Year Anniversary and Cabo San Lucas Birthday Adventures)

Before I begin a very extensive year of travel in 2016 (I’m excited) I wanted to recap some of the travel and adventure that took place in 2015. Travel is a BIG part of my life. Growing up my family would go on annual family vacations and it became our tradition. We’ve been to some incredible places and have seen done some incredible things! Now that I am married, I have been able to rub off some on my travel itch on my husband (gratefully). My husband and I love to travel and have been doing so since our very first year of dating. (Some of our favorite trips include Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Bahamas and Cabo San Lucas.)

Carissa She's Charissmatic

In my household, we deem travel and vacationing as MANDATORY. It is so important to unwind and take time away in a remote location with your spouse to kick back and enjoy the simple things. Things like island breezes, exotic drinks, beautiful beaches, different cultures, different foods, and simply… just the quality time. Also there is nothing like sharing new experiences together for the first time.

2015 Was a very symbolic year. In May of 2015, my husband Kenneth and I celebrated our first year of marriage! (Click here to watch our Wedding Highlights Video.) With our 1 Year Wedding Anniversary came our Anniversary Getaway to the Bahamas. We flew from Houston to Florida and then sailed from Florida to the Bahamas. The trip lasted 5 days in total and was a much needed getaway! We had a great time!

The most memorable parts of Bahamas 2015 were:

  1. The food. Conch is amazing… you can make anything with this yummy shelled fish. I’m talking fritters, sandwiches, chowder, etc. conch
  2. Trying to master Black Jack in the casino of the cruise ship! We were both pretty terrible…black jack table
  3. Meeting this incredible Bohemian artist, Leo Brown. I was so inspired by his work. It was all so moving. I personally felt like this piece could’ve been me… it isn’t, but that didn’t keep me from feeling like it could’ve been. lolLeo Brown Art Work
  4. The view from the balcony of our room277aeb63-223b-40ec-8e9e-94d7f118c128
  5. Being able to celebrate one year as Mr. and Mrs. Stephenslove

6. Finding waterfalls in nature. I literally went on a quest for them.Waterfalls

High points from our vacation of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 2015:

  1. That Boat Party Cabo(The turn up was just TOO real) Check out this short video link from my husbands Instagram page. Here is another: Turn Up! lol

2.  Zip lining! I never thought I’d propel from 300 ft. above ground in a Canyon stretching miles wide… 8 different times. We had to hike to each zip line over rugged terrain. I felt like cutting it short a couple times but preserved! Proud moment!ziplining

3. Recording a music video …on my phone. lol (Click here to watch)

4. Mexican Walmart and buying groceries… there was literally a FULL liquor store in the Mexican WALMART!

5. Our first couples massage! (Not featured…. too precious of a moment.) It was my very first couples massage. So special.

The Stephens on a Camel

We have a lot of travel planned for 2016 and I’m sooo excited to adventure more and share with you here at shescharissmatic.com! Follow me on Instagram for more photos and real time updates!

#ReflectionswithRiss #Travel

Thanks for reading! Xo -Riss

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