Feature: Leap Day 2016 & Carissa’s News Feature on CW39

The day this website launched was a magical day… (February 29th, 2016)

I had been working my butt off to produce this website and trying to balance between my Blog and Store, my YouTube channel (NaturallyGG), my Corporate Job and my Home/ Personal Life. The site was actually “late” to launch because I set my own personal deadline for February 7th… then 21st. I never publicized an exact date for launch but became increasingly ANXIOUS when I kept missing my personal goals for this thing! I think I later plan to talk about self-induced stress. lol!

So I set my site to go live on September 27th, a Sunday. As I’m plugging away making my (seemingly never ending) tweaks… I learn that it’s Oscars Night!! Seriously?? I don’t want to launch a website on the night like 65% of all American’s are tuned in to television to watch Chris Rock address the racial issues of the country and see how he’s going to pull off the “Black Actors Boycotting the Oscars” controversy! Not to mention my boy, Leo winning his Oscar!

Without realizing HOW SPECIAL the last day in February would be this year, I decided that was the day to launch. Even if it meant no sleep, I was going to launch (go live) the following day.

Here are the reasons why #LeapDay2016 will always be a Magical Day in my book…


  1. It only comes around ONCE every 4 years!
  2. The stars aligned and God had the last word on when I would be able to share this website with you. Leap Day 2016 was not in my original plans.
  3. February is a month that celebrates love (Valentine’s Day) and Black History… Even though “In My world, Every Month is Black History Month.”
  4. I was randomly on TV! lol I was walking to lunch with my husband and was stopped by a camera crew! Of course I obliged the crew and winged it.

Learn more about Leap Day and see my feature on CW39 which aired Monday, February 29th!


The highs and lows of Leap Day 2016

Thanks for reading and watching! See you soon!!

Xoxo -Riss