Travel: The Bahamas + Turks & Caicos (This is 30 pt. 2)

The cruise was set for Sept. 2nd – Sept 7th. Just a quick little get away to the islands. What excited me most was that I would be seeing some places on this cruise for the first time; such as Halfmoon Cay Island (which is privately owned by Carnival) and Grand Turk Island in Turks and Caicos.

I felt so fortunate to be able to travel and have a ‘baecation’ especially with all that was going on back home. Hell, I was happy just making it out of the neighborhood! The cruise was EPIC!

We had soooo much fun on that boat!

From the casino, to the eateries, the clubs, the comedy shows, our live karaoke performances, learning about fine art and participating in our first fine art auction…

It’s a celebration!

We were big kids and had a chance to totally unwind!


The stops at the different islands, Nassau, Halfmoon Cay and Grand Turk… all had a different appeal to them.

Surprisingly, the waters were super calm and it was smooth sailing during the entire trip!

At our last stop, we could feel the locals in Turks and Caicos getting geared up for Irma which had become a Cat 5 Hurricane and expected to make land fall in the next few days. On the boat, everyone spent that last day at sea heading back to the states, still turnt but also watching the weather very closely.

Finally, we dock back in Miami. We disembark from the boat early Thursday morning and head straight to the airport to see if we can catch an earlier flight back to Dallas. Since no other flights were available, we sat at the airport ALL day anxiously awaiting this flight to fly us back home to safety. Harvey had moved on from Houston and now we are in Florida where Hurricane Irma is expected to sweep through and yield catastrophic damage.

From 10am to 9:30pm we waited. By this time our flight was an hour late due to waiting on the flight crew to arrive from their previous flight. We felt the nervousness creep up our throats as we heard other flights being cancelled while waiting and just prayed ours wouldn’t be.

The airports were like a zoo… literally. Tons of people with their dogs, cats, parakeets, etc! Everyone was flying out and evacuating Florida. Side note: Have you ever been on a plane with a ton of pets? I can’t recall a time that I have. Are there special aircraft for these types of flights? Leave a comment below if you have.

Finally, they board our flight (over an hour late) and he crew make it onto the plane… looking beat down. As I’m waiting on this plane to take off I doze off on my hubby’s shoulder. Several minutes later I am awakened by gasps, sighs, moans, outcries and curse words as a response to the heart wrenching news on the speaker that says, “Unfortunately, folks we have to cancel this flight. We can’t fly out.” (Insert expletives!!! %&@!$%)

The crazy part is, the weather directly overhead hadn’t even really gotten bad yet but apparently the pilot was about to go over his consecutive flight time limit. (Some law that makes it illegal for pilots to fly the plane past a consecutive number of hours.) Spirit Airlines (smh) offered no alternative for all of us that were on that plane to make it home and meanwhile a Cat 5 hurricane is coming straight for us. It seems that due to this technicality of not being able to fly, they should’ve known/ planned ahead and told us sooner so that instead of waiting at the airport all day for this flight that wasn’t even happening, we could’ve tried to book another one! We were sooo close to making it in the clear! Noooo……

Sidenote: Retelling this story exhausts me but writing is therapeutic for me and it is always good to get my thoughts written out. Thanks for reading… keep on reading.

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