Travel: Outrunning Hurricane Irma (This is 30 pt. 3)

So with the flight being canceled, I go into semi panic mode. I can no longer hold back emotion – tears run down my face. Everyone is looking crazy. Meanwhile my husband is trying to see if he can find any airline ticket flying ANYWHERE in the U.S. just to get us out of there!

Once I collect myself, I head to the airline’s ticket counter and begin desperately inquiring about what flight we might still be able to catch. NOTHING. No two seats were available and flying out from Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa or Miami to anywhere in the nation. My husband tried to get me out of Florida without securing a flight for himself and that just wasn’t gonna happen. I was not about to leave my husband! We were gonna ride this thing out together in the airport or nearby shelter if we had to!

We somehow managed to find a rental car and decided to drive out of the state from Ft. Lauderdale! We found ourselves on an evacuation route with the other Floridians and stranded vacationers.

Along the way, struggling to find gas stations that hadn’t ran out of gas, seeing a few car accidents, stalled cars.. surviving on chips and red bull, our bond was forged EVEN deeper. (Just when I think it can’t get NO MO REALER! lol) The drive took us about 17 hours to get out of Florida and to New Orleans. Many people headed north to Georgia (which Irma then went there too) so we were happy with our decision to just head west… closer to home. My husband didn’t sleep for 32 hours straight. Our last night of rest was the last day at sea on the cruise days before. Mind you, we partied that night. lol We were EXHAUSTED!!

By the time we got to New Orleans I’m sure we looked like zombies. We were most certainly refugees. Some kind of way, we mustered up the strength to go have dinner with good friends on Canal St. near Bourbon Street. When we got back, we passed out. Next morning, we had the hotel breakfast and went back to sleep. Finally, it was time to head to the airport and catch our flight to Dallas. Once we landed in Dallas, we took an Uber to our car which stayed in the hotel parking lot this whole time THEN… finally, drove to Houston.

Getting back home has never felt so good. The city was looking better but a lot of places were still trying to recover from the flood. I had never seen the sky so clear or felt such cool temperatures in September. We streamed church Sunday morning then slept the rest of the day. This past Monday was my first time seeing the damage Hurricane Harvey caused in my neighborhood.

Hurricane Harvey’s aftermath in a part my neighborhood

I still can’t believe that we went through all that! This is one hell of a way to bring in a birthday. Through it all, I feel EXTREMELY blessed and grateful that God has protected us and our home. Things could have been so much worse. Some of my neighbors have lost everything. I’m grateful for those people and organizations that have provided aid for my fellow Houstonians. God has seen me through so much ya’ll. I am praying for all those who have been affected during this hurricane season (including the beautiful islands we had the chance to visit just days before Hurricane Irma).

Anyway, so that is my crazy story. Lordt. lol I am praying that my 30s are really good to me. I feel like the best is yet to come. Cheers to the next 30!!! Thanks for reading. Peace, Love and Light. – The birthday girl. xo


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