Reflections: My 3rd Wedding Anniversary

I married my best friend on this day 3 years ago. It was a BEAUTIFUL sunny Saturday in Houston Texas…Since then, we purchased our first home, have been traveling the world and have been building up our businesses/ the empire. The past three years have been filled with so much laughter and adventure!!!

This love has been so freeing… and I have always felt so empowered by the love God has for me, easily displayed in my husband.Together we have accomplished so much. We aren’t perfect… but there is something so perfect about the love and mercy God shows us daily.

At the start of 2017… something unexpected happened…

We found out we were pregnant.We were excited about our little blessing… and had just found out it was girl!

Then something even more unexpected happened… At 14.5 weeks gestation, we suffered the loss of our first child. For weeks, I mourned. Although I am now at peace with everything, the thought of losing the child I once carried still makes me emotional and probably always will. But let me tell you about how good God is….

He is all powerful and knowing. I trust His timing for my/ our life! I KNOW that ALL things work out for the good of those that believe in Him. Even since the loss, He has been so faithful in showing us that He has not forsaken us. The proof of this would make this blog way too long.

I am since, stronger… wiser… certainly a better woman. My husband and I have grown EVEN CLOSER. And guess what… I am a MOTHER!! My angel baby is with the most high in the most beautiful place. I AM SO GRATEFUL for this PEACE and JOY which surpasses all understanding and I am more than optimistic about the future of our little family than ever.

If you or someone you love has experienced this type of loss, you are not alone.

1 in 4 pregnancies end with the loss of a child.

Most people who have experienced this type of loss will never speak about it – you will never know.

But if I can speak on this, for just a moment… and help someone feel less alone or more comforted, then I am aligned with my purpose, passion and calling. Since I was in college, I knew my mission was to motivate, cultivate and inspire. I cannot only share the glitz, glamour and butterflies with you. I must also share the REAL SH*T. Life can get hard sometimes. The unimaginable can happen to anyone when they least expect it. The human experience involves suffering sometimes. But there would be no sunny days without a cloudy day.

Whatever situation or hardship you may be facing or will face later in life, keep going. Keep the faith. I know we are. Our rainbow baby is coming. Until then we will continue to strive for excellence in all that we do, continue to love EXTRA HARD on each other, and keep smiling!!!

To my hubby… my man crush for LIFE, my ROCK, my BFF, the Clyde to my Bonnie, my biggest motivator… together we can do anything. LOVE YOU!!!

To those reading… I love you too.

Now I’ve gotta run off to celebrate 3 years!!! 🙂 See ya later! xoxo -Riss


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