Travel: Playa Del Carmen #GirlsTrip

What do you get when you take 10 accomplished women who have all known each other for well over a decade, have been through the ups and downs of life together, who all want the others to live their best life, and place them in a tropical paradise?


This past week I experienced the enormous blessing of being able to travel internationally with my core group of friends… JUST BECAUSE.

This trip stands out to me from all my other travels in many ways. First, I don’t remember the last time I had that much fun for consecutive days in a row.

Second, we were all able to come together to celebrate success! I’d missed a recent girls trip to Vegas because I was pregnant and on bedrest. This trip made up for that x100. All but one of us (who is currently pregnant) were able to make the trip that was planned to simply be a much needed getaway for all of us!

Third, we experienced some very deep and meaningful conversations and walked away all knowing and appreciating each other EVEN more.

We stayed at the Ocean Maya Royale and enjoyed good food and entertainment while there! This resort was great for our girls trip because it is an all-inclusive resort which included multiple dining options (Italian, Asian, Mexican, etc), a breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet, on-demand open bar service from anywhere on the resort, an excellent calendar of events (live shows, pool parties, etc) and has beach access.

The place was quite charming with it’s perfect hues every morning and evening as the sun kissed the palm trees and with it’s random yet friendly wildlife that roamed freely! We utilized a travel agent for our flight and resort bookings and to stay organized with payments and planning.

We independently booked a private yacht which sailed briefly due to choppy water from Riviera Maya!

We partied hard on that boat once we got in calm waters! We also took a swim from the boat to a shallow area near where we anchored our boat. We had a full wait staff who served up food and drinks until our hearts were content and there was absolutely a ton of twerking to our #HotGirlSummer playlist!

Following our yacht party and after a day of rest, the resort concierge made sure we were taken care of when it came to the type of excursion we wanted to experience. We chose a half-day adventuresome option which involved us diving, zip-lining, snorkeling and swimming! Aventuras Mayas was the perfect tour company. Our tour guide Alan was personable and knowledgeable. He guided us through 3 different cenotes: a ‘lagoon’, a ‘tavern’ and an ‘open’ cenote. I enjoyed various elements of all 3! We were also fed an authentic Mexican lunch, buffet style while on the tour! Sooo much fun (and delicious)!!!

As a child, I had a bad snorkeling experience in Hawaii in which I almost drowned. I told myself it just wasn’t an activity that I was interested in after that. It was on my “blocked list” as my friend Jennifer would say. lol However, I am so glad I was open to this experience while on this trip. It was so relaxing floating in that water (my friends and I gliding through the water like a school of fish) and I can now say I love snorkeling! Wow!

Zip-lining and diving into the water was simply EPIC. Fun is an understatement!

The tavern cenote was nearly a spiritual encounter, just experiencing the earth in a way that I never had before. It felt like a sacred place. In fact, the local people of that area would historically use the tavern cenote as their actual place of worship and for healing of the mind, body and soul.

Most of my outfits (my favorites) including swimwear were purchased on Shein, but I also found Amazon and Fashion Nova helpful. I have linked some of my ‘lewks’ to my store for you.

I got all my life dancing, laughing and making new memories with my girlfriends and can’t wait until the next #GirlsTrip!

Click here for footage in my GIRLS TRIP highlight story on IG!

Besos – xxRiss